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How Can Remote Workers Reduce Stress?

No one can escape stress, be it at work, at home or even in your daily commute. It is a silent killer that can cause even worse concerns such as mental problems and weaker physical health. And as a remote worker, you’re not free from getting stressed out by work. Too much workload, working beyond office hours or working at night if your client is in a different timezone may cause you stress, just like working in a normal office set-up.

Here are some tips on how you can deal with stress even if you’re working remote:

Take breaks and vacations

Even if you’re working remote, it still important that you take breaks from working. Take your usual short breaks and lunch break. Take vacation leaves, and don’t bring your laptop with you. Disconnecting from your work will help you recharge and keep a healthier mental health.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Exercise, meditate, get enough sleep and eat healthy. As in any situation, working or not, stay fit and healthy. Your body can easily combat negative elements as long as it is healthy to do so.

Create a routine

Organize your daily schedule in such a way that you have enough breaks and you get to finish working on time. Prioritize tasks, work on the most important ones at the start of your day.

Create boundaries

Learn how to say no. Start to delegate. Working remote doesn’t mean that you are required to do all tasks being given to you. Check your current workload before accepting more responsibilities. Also, create a workspace that separates you from your personal space. And when you finish your work, leave your work at your designated space.

Maintain social interaction

Have face to face meetings, even via online video calls, to give you the feeling that you’re still working within a team. Spend time with people offline, go out and interact with other people. This will help you cope with the sense of being alone.

There are still very few studies about how remote work can cause stress. But, it’s best to start addressing this issue even before it becomes worse. Here at DyCom SmartStaff, we make sure that our highly-skilled staff are all geared, physically, emotionally and mentally, to fulfill the tasks assigned to them. Get quality and cost-efficient services that are tailor-fit to your business needs. Contact us!