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Remote work is becoming a trend now for most businesses who would want to save on overhead costs at the same time ensure continuity of daily operations. Remote workers may be getting a reputation of becoming less productive by easily being distracted, however recent studies show otherwise. Remote workers are actually more productive compared to employees working inside an office setting. They even have lesser need to have time off since they can still work even if they’re feeling a bit under the weather.  

As an employer, here are some tips for your remote workers on how they can consistently become productive and deliver expected results: 

Create a routine and set a schedule 

As a remote worker, they have the ability to have a more flexible schedule. However, creating a daily routine will help set the right mindset to work efficiently each day. Setting a daily schedule will help them be mentally prepared to start their work day right and keep up with deliverables. 

Choose the right tools and equipment 

There are already a wide array of time management, collaboration and communication tools that will help remote workers become more productive. It helps them keep up with deadlines, organize files and easily coordinate with the rest of the team every day. 

Same as in an office setting, investing on comfortable and reliable equipment is also essential since these will help them maintain efficiency as they work. Have them create an office space where they can concentrate on their work and remove possible distractions. 

Create lists and set priorities 

Even if they are inside a physical office, it is still important to set an organized workflow and clear goals. They have to understand what needs to be prioritized and it will be easier for you to check on their progress.  

Take care of themselves 

Ensure your team’s physical and mental health thru exercise, allowing ample breaks within the day and still allowing them to take time offs and vacation leaves. Since they can allot more time each day to work on your tasks, it might result to mental fatigue and burning out without them realizing it.  

As you gear towards setting a remote team of employees, assess your own capacity and needs if you will also work remotely and how best to manage them. If you’re a start-up or if you’re too busy growing the business but would want to pursue this option, hire a third-party outsource service provider that already has a team ready. DyCom SmartStaff provides a wide-range of flexible and cost-effective services that already has an established process and highly-skilled team. Contact us to find out how we can produce high-quality results to help you grow a more stable business.